Washington, D.C. January 10, 2023  – Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) issued the following statement after House Republicans passed a resolution to establish a Select Subcommittee to investigate ongoing federal investigations:  

Today, House Republicans voted to form a select subcommittee to investigate deep state conspiracy theories. Make no mistake: This bogus committee is designed to undermine the legitimate investigation of President Trump’s incitement of a violent attack on the Capitol – an investigation that implicates some of the very members who hope to sit on the committee.

Last time the Republicans controlled the House, Kevin McCarthy pushed to form a select committee on Benghazi, which, as he later admitted, was specifically designed to drive down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers. Now he’s at it again, to prop up Donald Trump.

This ‘investigate the investigators’ committee will do deep damage to our national security and only breed distrust in the intelligence community, which will be reluctant to share the information members of Congress need to protect the country.

The subcommittee will also work to discredit law enforcement, like the FBI, who are so important in the fight against domestic violent extremism. Just like when Trump was president, FBI agents in courthouses around the country will have to deal with defense arguments that they cannot be trusted because they are part of some fictitious deep state conspiracy.
Kevin McCarthy committed to forming this subcommittee to placate the QAnon members of his conference, so that he could be speaker. That was his choice. But now the American people are going to pay the price, in the form of a body blow to our national security.