April 30, 2019 – This weekend, President Trump made comments in Wisconsin that were inflammatory and dangerous lies about abortion.  In response, Board Member of Physicians for Reproductive Health, Dr. Kristyn Brandi, issued the following statement:

It’s important to be very clear about this: What President Trump said in Wisconsin this weekend is an outright lie. What President Trump said does not happen. Period.

As an obstetrician-gynecologist and abortion provider, I take care of women and families every day. My work is governed by ethics, compassion, and medical evidence. To suggest otherwise is so insulting to patients and their health care providers that I have to question why a politician would spread such dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric.

We have seen politicians spread misinformation around pregnancy loss, obstetrics, and abortion care, on top of a rash of abortion bans across the country. None of this makes people healthier or safer, and in fact does the opposite. This dangerous rhetoric also puts providers at risk. I urge politicians to stop spreading misinformation, to stop interfering with medical decisions, and instead focus their energy on preserving and expanding access to health care. That is what people in this country need.

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