Washington, D.C. – June 23, 2020  “As health officials and medical professionals work to protect the nation from COVID-19, they have become increasingly subject to threats and harassment. These attacks are inexcusable and must be strongly and loudly denounced by our elected leaders and organizations, companies, institutions and individuals that care about this country’s ability to protect all residents from threats to our health from viruses to pollution.

“The difficult decisions made by public health officials are based on science and have likely saved tens of thousands of lives, or more. They deserve not only our profound thanks, but our vigorous defense.

“The Trump administration is not responsible for the death threats against public health officials, but their dismissive attitude toward science and the president’s deliberate undermining of expert guidance on coronavirus fuels these violent responses. It is therefore the responsibility of this administration to make clear this harassment is unacceptable and, in many cases, may be criminal.”