Washington March 26, 2019 – Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement after the Trump administration broadened its attack on the Affordable Care Act:

“Trump administration lawyers are now arguing that the entire Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. This is an escalation of their earlier, heartless argument that focused on ending protections for pre-existing conditions.

“Republicans have tried and failed to repeal this law over and over again. They succeeded in overturning the individual mandate, but the bulk of the Affordable Care Act remains in place and is helping millions of Americans.

“Candidly, the ongoing Republican effort to eliminate this law is not only irresponsible given their lack of an alternative, it’s also dangerous for millions of American families.

“I’m hopeful the court sees this for the political action it is and allows the Affordable Care Act to continue helping millions of families in California and across the country. This is an issue worth fighting for, and I won’t back down, no matter how many times Republicans try to undermine these critical health care protections.”