Nov. 2, 2017 – Today, Trump met with Republican Senators in the White House and announced that they will not attach Dreamer legislation to the must-pass spending bill at the end of this year.  The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund.

As we predicted earlier today, Trump and the Republicans are more interested in delaying action, staging partisan meetings, making demands, and obstructing progress than actually resolving the status of America’s Dreamers.  

The Dream Act is popular and supported by Americans of all stripes.  The business community supports it.  Our nation’s faith leaders and education institutions want it.  The young men and women who are eligible for it deserve and need it.    

Trump created this crisis by killing DACA.  Now, hundreds of thousands of young Americans are seeing their futures thrown into limbo, because the Republican Party is afraid of alienating its radical base.  Instead of racking up a legislative win, Trump is buckling to his White House staff and heading towards yet another political loss for the GOP — unless they change course immediately.

If Republicans were serious about a solution, they would be working directly with Democrats to pass the bipartisan Dream Act ASAP.  The votes exist to pass the bill in both chambers of Congress, if Republicans were willing to work with Democrats to get it done.  Unfortunately, we’re seeing today that their clear intention is to delay action in order to derail a solution.  This is unconscionable and un-American.