Feb. 22, 2017 – Jonathan Boyarin, director of Jewish Studies and professor in the departments of Anthropology and Near Eastern Studies at Cornell University, says that if President Trump was serious about fighting anti-Semitism, he would fire Stephen Bannon and stop targeting Muslims and Arabs.  Boyarin says:

President Trump’s acknowledgment Tuesday that anti-Semitism is ‘horrible’ rings hollow.

If he really were offended by both anti-Semitism and racism, he wouldn’t have anything to do with advisers like Stephen Bannon.

If what he really wants for this country is ‘love,’ then he would promote policies that serve everyone who lives in, works in, and visits the United States, rather than choosing to target Muslims and Arabs.

That would be the best way to fight anti-Semitism, as well. Jews have always been safest in open societies where difference is not only tolerated but welcomed.

Bio: http://neareasternstudies.cornell.edu/jonathan-aaron-boyarin