Months of bad-faith efforts to overturn the results of 2020’s democratically-held election by hunting for nonexistent discrepancies in Maricopa County, Arizona, have finally come to an end, The Arizona Republic reports. The report proves what we have known all along: there was no widespread voter fraud, Donald Trump lost the election, and Joe Biden won — and by an even greater margin than previously thought.

This Republican sham ‘audit’ in Arizona was never about unveiling widespread voter fraud. The results prove it was a complete waste of time and taxpayer dollars that did nothing but harm our democracy and inject distrust in the electoral process. It set a dangerous standard for future elections that if partisan officials don’t like the will of the people, they can refute the results and threaten to overturn an election. We have a message for anyone who continues pushing for an ‘audit’ after witnessing this absolute failure: the jig is up. You’ve done enough damage to our democracy. 

These ‘audits,’ disguised as normal checks on our election system, are actually designed to undermine election integrity and make it harder for Americans to cast their ballot in future elections. Across the country, state legislators inspired by the failed audit in Arizona have been gearing up to conduct ‘audits’ of their own in their home states, like Janel Brandtjen in Wisconsin, and Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania. After visiting the circus ‘audit’ site in Arizona, Brandtjen returned to Wisconsin requesting an audit of the state’s election materials. Mastriano, obsessed with the ‘audit’ in Arizona and with pushing Trump’s Big Lie, called for one to be conducted in three Pennsylvania counties, all of which denied his request and refused to participate in the sham process. 

The results of even the most partisan ‘audit’ have proven no widespread voter fraud or election discrepancies. These Republican officials, including the disgraced former president, must stop pushing their conspiracy theories and sowing doubt in the minds of millions of Americans that there was anything wrong with the 2020 election. The Big Lie must finally be put to rest — our democracy, the sanctity of our elections, and our most sacred right to vote are depending on it.

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