September 23, 2020 – By spearheading a sham investigation into Vice President Biden, Senator Ron Johnson has turned his Committee into a de facto arm of the Trump campaign. In doing so, he has drawn bipartisan criticism for his reliance on Kremlin-sourced conspiracy theories, his flagrant abuse of power, and clear political motive to smear Vice President Joe Biden—just in time for the election. The interim report he issued today showcases all three elements. 

 Johnson has openly admitted that, contrary to his own earlier claims, the true purpose of the taxpayer-funded probe is not to uphold transparency or the rule of law, but to denigrate Biden’s candidacy.

  • Just yesterday, Johnson reiterated to a talk radio host that he’s “hoping” his investigation will influence the election.  
  • When previewing the release of his interim report, Johnson told the Milwaukee Sentinel: “In about a week we’re going to learn a whole lot more of Vice President Biden’s fitness for office.” 
  • He told a Wisconsin radio station earlier this month: “But what our investigations are uncovering, I think, will reveal this is not somebody we should be electing president of the United States. He added: “I just don’t think Joe Biden ever should have run for president.” 
  • Last month, Johnson told another local radio show that his investigation would “certainly” help President Trump secure re-election. 

 Even Johnson’s own party considers—and condemns—his inquiry as a political ploy.

  • Senator Mitt Romney has said Johnson’s comments have “only confirmed” his perspective that Johnson’s Ukraine probe has “the earmarks of a political exercise.”
  • Fellow Republican Senator Rob Portman admitted that he hoped Johnson wouldn’t ultimately issue subpoenas amid “all of the other things we have on our plate right now” and “unless it’s absolutely necessary.” 
  • Senator Richard Burr late last year warned Johnson that his investigation risked doing Russia’s work for it by sowing chaos and distrust in our political system. 
  • Even Senator Marco Rubio, the Acting Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, rejected Johnson’s request for documents from his Committee.

Of course, Senator Johnson took a very different approach when it was Trump, not Biden, who was the subject of an investigation. 

  • He tweeted in December of last year: “Impeachment has been a completely political exercise from the get go.” 
  • He told reporters just before voting to acquit Trump: “This impeachment trial has got to end, the sooner the better.”

The United States is stronger, safer, and more respected in the world when we use our power wisely, stand strong with allies and partners, pursue principled diplomacy, and remain true to the values that have long defined us at home and abroad.