March 24, 2019 – Congress and the American people deserve access to the full report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller as well as the underlying findings that Mueller used to draw his conclusions. Additionally, we must be given any counterintelligence information about foreign attacks on our elections.

Releasing the full report, rather than just an abbreviated summary, is consistent with the bipartisan demand from the U.S. House of Representatives in a vote of 420-to-0 for transparency, the American public, and even Donald Trump’s own rhetoric.

Recent polling by CNN shows nearly 9 in 10 Americans believe the complete Mueller report should be public. The demand is vocal, obvious, and must be met.

But even Attorney General Barr’s summary makes clear how troubled the American people should be, and how much work lies ahead for Congress.

The American people should be profoundly concerned that Mueller concluded he could “not exonerate” President Trump for obstruction of justice. We’ll know much more about this when we see Mueller’s full report.

The American people should be profoundly concerned about the Russian attack on the 2016 election and President Trump’s total lack of interest in preventing future foreign assaults on our democracy.

The list of troubling questions raised by the Barr letter are almost endless. That is why the full report, and underlying documentation, must be made public.