April 23, 2021 – Mary Robinson, Chair of The Elders said:

“Climate change is a global challenge that demands a global solution. President Biden’s summit is a welcome step towards effective international cooperation, but all major powers must do a lot more, a lot quicker in concert if we are to avert environmental catastrophe. 
The US and Japanese commitments to nearly double their 2030 emissions reduction targets are very welcome, but still far from what science and equity demands. Canada and the UK also made positive commitments, but other countries – particularly China – still need to come forward with strengthened plans ahead of COP 26 in Glasgow. 
I was particularly pleased to see progress from the US on climate finance, the crucial other half of the climate equation. After four years of missed payments to vulnerable countries, the doubling of US climate finance from Obama-era levels is a good first step to make up for lost time, and sets expectations for other major economies to follow at the G7 summit in June.”

About The Elders

The Elders are independent leaders using their collective experience and influence for peace, justice and human rights worldwide. The group was founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007.

The Elders are Ban Ki-moon (Deputy Chair), Lakhdar BrahimiGro Harlem BrundtlandZeid Raad Al HusseinHina JilaniEllen Johnson SirleafRicardo LagosGraça Machel (Deputy Chair), Juan Manuel SantosMary Robinson (Chair) and Ernesto Zedillo.

Martti AhtisaariEla BhattFernando Henrique CardosoJimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu are Elders Emeritus.

Kofi Annan (1938-2018) was a founding member of The Elders and served as Chair from 2013 to 2018.