Washington, D.C.  March 11, 2019 – Today the Trump administration released its proposed 2020 budget, with steep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture, and with Department of Energy funding to continue Trump’s “Energy Dominance” policies promoting continued reliance on oil, gas, coal, and nuclear. It also proposes privatizing federally owned transmission lines and eliminating ARPA-E, the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy. Additionally, it proposes selling off the Washington Aqueduct, which provides water to the metro D.C. area.

With ecological chaos breathing down our necks, Trump’s budget proposes deep cuts to the things that matter most for our survival: safe food, clean water protections, and a stable climate. This is not a proposal from someone that takes the greatest threats to our environment and our lives seriously.

At a time when we must innovate clean energy solutions, Trump is sticking his finger in the eye of renewables research.

With the money Trump is proposing for a wall for a fake immigration emergency he could fund water infrastructure, food safety protections, and true climate action.

This budget serves industry profits at the expense of our health.

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