GRASS VALLEY, Calif. April 19, 2017 – Rabbi Alan Greenbaum will discuss the Jewish understanding of the 10 Commandments in two consecutive forums starting this Sunday in Grass Valley.

Greenbaum will lead the Adult Forum starting at 10 a.m. Sunday, April 23, at Peace Lutheran Church, 828 W. Main St., near downtown. He will conclude his presentation starting at 10 a.m. Sunday, April 30, also at Peace. Both events are in the Old Fellowship Hall. Be sure to pick up coffee and baked goods around the corner in the Fellowship Center before the forum starts.

The 10 Commandments are fundamental to both Jewish and Christian theology and history. Using the core meaning of the original Aramaic language, the ancient text could be described as “God’s 10 Words.”

Rabbi Greenbaum for several years led nearby Congregation B’nai Harim, at the Grass Valley Jewish Community Center in downtown Grass Valley.

Peace has a special relationship with the local Jewish community. In the early 1990s, Peace provided space to the fledgling congregation before it acquired its present building on Walsh Street. In Peace’s Fellowship Center, look for the artistic triptych of plates on the wall. Peace received these hand-crafted plates from the Jewish Community Center in thanks for that service. The plates depict “Interfaith Harmony” with the Madonna and Child, symbol of Christianity; the Archangel Michael, who led the angel armies to protect and fight for Israel; and the Archangel Gabriel, considered by Islam to be the chief of the angels.