GRASS VALLEY, CA. April 10, 2017. The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County (FSCNC) is calling for nominations from the community for the 2017 Fire Safe Awards to be given at the 10th Annual Culinary Adventure event on Friday, May 19, 2017. The awards program was developed by the board of directors to recognize those dedicated to protecting our community from catastrophic wildfire. The public is invited to submit nominations for consideration.

There are three recognitions to be given to individuals and groups meeting the criteria set for each award including exemplifying the mission of the FSCNC: “To provide Firewise education and programs to enhance emergency preparedness for catastrophic wildfire to all citizens in Nevada County in order to reduce the loss of life, property and natural resources and to create Firewise Communities/USA®; to network with other Fire Safe Councils, governmental agencies and foundations for the benefit of the citizens of Nevada County.”

Volunteer of the Year – Extensive personal commitment and dedication to programs/projects, community fire protection outreach and/or operational support. Engages in other activities that support the FSCNC in developing partnerships, funding opportunities and/or communicating the fire prevention message.

Firewise Community of the Year – Effective, independent Firewise Committee, assists in educating community on fire safe programs, defensible space, emergency preparedness. Works annually to retain Firewise certification. Actively supports the FSCNC and Firewise program by enlisting volunteers, sponsoring a Scotch Broom Challenge and/or community fuels reduction projects.

Fire Safe Partner of the Year – Provides in-kind or direct program funding support and technical expertise to expand the effectiveness and efficiency of the Councils efforts. Demonstrates leadership by developing community partnerships and expanding community awareness for wildfire mitigation and fire safety.

“Many people in our community come together to make our organization successful. Our board of directors feels it is important to formally recognize them.” said Fire Safe Council Executive Director, Joanne Drummond. “We hope others in our community will be inspired to also get involved in addressing the wildfire hazard and preparing for emergencies.”

Nominations are due no later than April 24, 2017 to the council office. A nomination form may be obtained by visiting the council website at or by phoning (530) 272-1122.