The new 2021-22 Nevada County Grand Jury was sworn in yesterday by Judge Thomas Anderson, the Grand Jury’s presiding judge. After taking the oath of office, members were assigned to the six standing committees – unlike last year’s Grand Jury they can meet in person in the Grand Jury room at the Rood Center. The outgoing 2020-2021 Grand Jury members were also recognized for their service to the community.

The 2021-2022 Grand Jury. Photo: YubaNet

2021-2022 Nevada County Grand Jury members

Adam, Richard
Alberti, Sal
Bosater, Rob
Cox, Susan
Crain, Michael
Cuthbert, Maureen
Dupre, Romelle
Flora, Arrow

Galic, Carol
Glenn, Janet
Hyde, Grace
Just, Dave
Lane, Loydyne
Martin, Don
Overbey, Keith
Sanborn, Sonya

Shea, Susan
Stimson, Debra
Svendsen, Sarah
Tedder, Jason
Toon, David
Williams, Kathy
Williams, Patti
ALT. – Neil, Cheryl
ALT. – Tribble, Ronald

The new jurors took the oath of office, administered by Judge Anderson. Photo YubaNet

Last year’s Nevada County Grand Jury investigated over 24 issues and released seven reports:

  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Cannabis in Nevada County
  • Fire Inspection in Nevada County
  • Joint Powers Authorities
  • Nevada County Vehicle Fleet Maintenance
  • NID Billing and Payment Fees
  • Presidential Election – 2020
The outgoing 2020-2021 Grand Jury. Photo: YubaNet

All these reports and more information on the Grand Jury are available on the Nevada County Superior Court’s website.

What does the Grand Jury do?

The Grand Jury a group of ordinary citizens appointed to investigate local government agencies.  The Grand Jury may examine all aspects of county government (including special districts and school districts) to see that public monies are being handled judiciously and that an effective government is serving in the best interest of the people.

The standing committees

The Grand Jury is authorized to audit financial expenditures and review operational practices, inquire into the conditions of jails and detention centers, and investigate written complaints from citizens.  Findings may be included in the Grand Jury’s final report describing the issues and recommendations for improvement or solutions.

The major functions of a grand jury are divided into criminal indictments and civil investigations. There are three predominant functions:

1)    “Watchdog” Responsibilities: The Grand Jury may examine all aspects of county and city government and special districts to ensure that the county is being governed honestly and efficiently and that county monies are being handled appropriately.

2)    Citizen Complaints: The Grand Jury receives many letters from citizens alleging mistreatment by officials, suspicions of misconduct, or governmental inefficiencies.

3)    Criminal Investigations: Under certain, extremely rare, circumstances the Grand Jury holds hearings to determine whether evidence presented by the district attorney is of sufficient nature to warrant persons having to stand trial in court. [source: Nevada County Grand Jury]