On Tuesday afternoon, new and returning Nevada County Grand Jury members were sworn in by Nevada County Superior Court Judge Scott Thomsen. The 16 members present at the ceremony and one member who couldn’t attend, will serve for one year as the “watch dog” charged with protecting the interests of the citizens of Nevada County.

Outgoing Jury members received well-deserved certificates of recognition, thanking them for serving this past year, despite having to conduct many meetings online.

The principal charge of the Grand Jury is to investigate county agencies, special districts and schools. The jury is required to annually inspect all public prisons in the county. The jury may investigate the efficiency of all local government activity, audit financial records, and review all public records. The findings of their investigations are published as Grand Jury reports.

The 2022-23 Nevada County Grand Jury
16 members of the 2022-23 Nevada County Grand Jury. Photo: YubaNet

The 16 members in this YubaNet photo are: Julie Barnum, Jean Carli, Marc Cawdrey, Bill Clark, Joe D’Andrea, Michael Dobbins, Christine Drainville, Cheri Flanigan, Tina Hannon, Deborah Heller, Dirk Hartogs, Loydyne Lane, Gregor Meyer, Cheryl Neil, Kendall Tieck and Jim Weir.

The Grand Jury is actively recruiting members to complete the 19-person roster and alternates. If you are interested in joining these public servants, please take a look at the requirements and fill out the application.