Today, Saturday, Feb. 18th, film sessions, workshops, fireside chats, and a hike along the Tribute Trail kept festival goers entertained and the town busy.

Festival Passes can still be picked up at Nevada City Festival HQ at the National Hotel.

A new perk of being a passholder is the ability to pre-reserve space at a film session rather than showing up and not knowing if there will be a seat for you. 

Meanwhile, looks like a good time was had by all, be that outside or at any of the numerous venues.

Sunday Session Highlights

Session Name: FOR OUR RIGHTS

Sunday — 11:30 am

Miners Foundry — Stone Hall — Nevada City

This session features two films:

Hasta la última gota (Attending: Ben Derico, director/producer)
The Wind Blows the Border (due to a few violent scenes, viewer discretion is advised)

Hasta la última gota follows the fight of those working to change a national charter that has privatized Chile’s vast natural water supply. Following an uprising in 2019 that drew millions of protestors across the country, and against the background of a 15-year drought that has left over half of the country in an official water emergency, a popularly elected body has been tasked with rewriting the constitution from scratch.

The Wind Blows the Border — In the heart of Brazilian agribusiness, the indigenous teacher Alenir Aquino fights for her community’s right to ancestral lands. On the opposite side of this dispute is the heiress of those lands, Luana Ruiz, a lawyer with strong relations with the Bolsonarist federal power.

Award Winners Sunday Night

7:30 pm at the Nevada Theatre in Nevada City

8:15 pm at the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley