September 26, 2019 – Over the past week, Grass Valley Police Detectives have been working a case in which 50-year-old James Dewayne Nivette, who lives in Orange County, CA has been electronically communicating with a 15-year-old female Nevada County resident. He communicated with her via text and other social media platforms. The communication from Nivette became increasingly inappropriate. Ultimately, he began sending her inappropriate images and began soliciting her for a sexual relationship.

After contacting GVPD, the family worked with a GVPD Detective who continued the communication posing as the 15-year-old. At one-point Nivette encouraged the 15-year-old to fly to Orange County to meet with him for the purpose of having a sexual relationship. Nivette purchased an airline ticket for the victim and arranged for her to travel to meet with him.

On Wednesday night, in place of the 15-year-old, Grass Valley Detectives and an Investigator from the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office traveled to the airport in Orange County. When Nivette arrived to pick up the victim, they took him into custody with the assistance of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Nivette was booked into the Orange County Jail for the following charges:

• 288.2(a)(2) PC (Felony) – sending sexual content via an electronic communication to a minor.
• 288.3(a) PC (Felony) – communicating with a minor with the intent of committing a sexual offense.
• 288.4(a)(1) PC (Misdemeanor) – arranging a meeting with a minor for the purpose of committing a sexual act.
• 288.4(b) PC (Felony) – going to an arranged meeting place at an arranged time to meet with a minor for the purpose of committing a sexual act.
• 288(c)(1) PC – enhancement for committing / the mentioned crimes when the victim is 15 or younger and the suspect is more than 10 years older than the victim.

Records show that Nivette posted bond on Thursday. The Nevada County District Attorney’s Office will work with the Orange County DA’s Office regarding prosecution.