NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. January 28, 2020 – Today Nevada County Supervisors handed out the annual service awards to county staff. Ranging from 30 to 5 years of service to Nevada County, these 85 staff members represent a combined 860 years of service.

30 years of service

  • Paul Jacobson, Sheriff Corrections
  • Eugene Yeoman, Roads Maintenance
Paul Jacobson holds the coveted reserved parking spot plate – for 30+ years of service to Nevada County. Photo YubaNet

25 years of service

Marcia Salter, Auditor-Controller

Marcia Salter – 25 years of service to Nevada County. Photo YubaNet

20 years of service

  • Michael Coughlan, Roads Maintenance
  • Christine Daggett, Collections
  • Johanna Garcia, Child Support Services
  • Rebecca Jensen, Behavioral Health
  • Tami Martinson, Human Resources
  • Stephen Monaghan, IS Admin
  • Jeffrey Pettitt, Sheriff Adm Support Services
  • Leslie Quinterno, Auditor – Controller
  • Pamela Raymond, Risk Management
  • Judith Richert, HHSA-Admin
  • Lynn Slay, Sheriff Corrections
  • Debra Wilson, Public Health
Two decades of service to Nevada County. Photo YubaNet

15 years of service

  • Michelle Bodley, Treasurer – Tax Collector
  • Tony Ciafardoni, Waste Water Management
  • Brian Condon, Sheriff Operations
  • Tamaran Cook, Dept Social Services
  • Sandra Copher, Assessor
  • Donald Harner, Sheriff Truckee
  • Susan Horne, Assessor
  • Kathlee Martin, Public Health
  • Justin Martin, Sheriff Court Security
  • Kimberley Nuner, Treasurer – Tax Collector
  • Julie Patterson, Hunter Clerk of the Board
  • Edward Peevey, Juvenile Hall
  • Michael Schnitzius, Sheriff Corrections
  • Lawrence Walsh, Sheriff Operations
  • Randall Yun, Environmental Health
15 years of service. Photo YubaNet

10 years of service

  • Jason Clinkinbeard, Sheriff Operations
  • Aubrey Eubanks, Behavioral Health
  • Darsi Gaines, Probation
  • Stefanie Geckler, Sheriff Animal Control
  • Rebecca Giammona, Public Health
  • Cindy Morgan, Behavioral Health
  • Tex Ritter, Dept Social Services
  • Edward Scofield, Board of Supervisors
  • Robin Tamietti, Probation

5 years of service

  • Brenda Austin, CDA Admin
  • Shelby Barker, Juvenile Hall
  • Carme Barsotti, Public Health
  • Diane Burns, Dept Social Services
  • Sadie Caldas, Planning
  • Claire Chapple, Environmental Health
  • Allison Clark, Environmental Health
  • Shelli Crowder, Sheriff Corrections
  • Aileen Cunningham, District Attorney
  • Hannah Daly Needham, Child Support Services
  • Julie Dehollander, Public Health
  • Hayley Demarest, Behavioral Health
  • Taylor Eick, Sheriff Operations
  • Roberto Ferrer, Behavioral Health
  • Melanie Fikse, Behavioral Health
  • Carolina Fragoso, Dept Social Services
  • Jessica Gavel, Dept Social Services
  • Laura High, Sheriff Operations
  • William Hoskin, Dept Social Services
  • Sydney Joyce, Library Branch 2 Grass Valley
  • Andrea Lehmkuhl, HHSA-admin
  • Paul Litchfield, Probation
  • Robin Lovisolo, Dept Social Services
  • Thomas Maioli, Cannabis Activities
  • Carol Merrall, Assessor
  • Diane Miessler, Public Health
  • Sairam Moore, Dept Social Services
  • Kristin Morgan, Sheriff Operations
  • Preston Neufeld, Agriculture Services
  • Richard Osborne, Sheriff Operations
  • Jo Paden, Environmental Health
  • Ryan Price, Fleet
  • Lawrence Riley, Sheriff Truckee
  • Gia Rossitto, IS Admin
  • Alma Rowe, Auditor – Controller
  • Kelly Sanders, Transit
  • Chad Smith, Probation
  • Joshua Smith, Roads Maintenance
  • James Smith, Roads Maintenance
  • Sean Smith, Sheriff Corrections
  • Joshua Stanis, Sheriff Operations
  • Brad Torres, Waste Water Management
  • Jenifer Triplett, Assessor
  • Jeremy Vance, Probation
  • Terry Wallace, IS Admin
  • Charlene Weiss-Wenzl, Public Health
5 years of service. Photo YubaNet
5 years of service. Photo YubaNet

Congratulations to all and thank you for your service!