November 21, 2019 – United Way of Nevada County is hosting a California CareForce free 2-day health clinic on January 11th and 12th next year. Anyone who needs medical, dental or vision care can be seen during this great event. It takes a great deal of volunteers to make this care available to those who need it the most. The below was written by one of the wonderful medical professional volunteers who will be helping out during the Grass Valley Free 2-day Health Clinic to be held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

Dr Ljubica “Yube” Petrasic DDS

“Dental cavities and gum problems are the most prevalent disease condition of humankind, imposing significant burden at all life stages, from childhood to adulthood. After years of working with patients and listening to their needs, you realize that the work we do as dentists not only helps to solve the immediate oral problem but keep our patients away from pain or discomfort, promotes self- confidence, enables social interactions and facilitates chewing and speaking. Oral health has a great impact in the quality of life for all of us.

Many members of our community struggle with maintaining oral health due to inaccessibility to care. As health care providers, with just a few hours of work, we have the opportunity to improve the lives and well-being of these community members. It can be difficult to find time in our already busy schedules to volunteer, but providing care to those in need can also be incredibly rewarding and improve the overall health of our community. If you would like to be involved in a wonderful and perhaps life changing opportunity, please consider volunteering in the Grass Valley Free 2-day Health Clinic ~ Jan. 11/12 2020.”

Dr Ljubica Petrasic, DDS


United Way of Nevada County strives to assure that individuals and families in Nevada County are able to meet their basic needs for FOOD, EMERGENCY SHELTER & ACCESS to HEALTH  CARE. 

That’s why United Way of Nevada County is hosting  the 2020 Grass Valley Free 2-day Health Clinic along with California CareForce!  Over  a two-day period, about 500 patients per day will receive  medical,  dental and vision services free of charge.  The biggest need is dental and vision care, as they are rarely covered in standard insurance policies, nor are they covered in Medicare. Complete eye exams will be available, including tests for glaucoma.  Patients may receive a prescription that is theirs to keep and is good for two years. Then that patient may pick out a new pair of eyeglass frames, and go home with brand new glasses made on site just for them.  The CareForce can make 250 brand new pairs of glasses each day. 

The 60 dental chairs CareForce with water and suction, will provide patients with cleanings, fillings and  extractions. A Panograph machine will take a full set of X-rays for each  patient. Some local dental care providers will be donating post-clinic services as well.