“Reproductive Choice: Then and Now” was the focus of the recent American Association of University Women (AAUW) public meeting.  It marked the premiere of Citizens for Choice’s “The Abortion Chronicles”, written by Lynn Wenzel and directed by Sandra Rockman.   

“The Abortion Chronicles” is a Readers Theater presentation of true personal stories from 1946 to today of women who had to make difficult reproductive decisions surrounding their unique circumstances.  Readers Kim Alman, Nancy Jeffery, Kaleigh Kirkpatrick,  Cece Royal, and Dinah Smith gave voice to their stories.

“The Abortion Chronicles” Readers Theater performers (left to right): Kaleigh Kirkpatrick, Dinah Smith, Nancy Jeffery, Kim Alman, and Cece Royal.

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from Elaine Sierra, Executive Director of Citizens for Choice, and Melanie Heckel, AAUW Nevada County Public PolicyCo-Chair, who provided updates on today’s reproductive health care and legislative action.  Following the recent Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, individual states can now restrict and enforce what services are available to women, effectively eliminating the nationwide constitutional right to end a pregnancy.  California continues to provide services to women, and if passed, Proposition 1 on the November 8 ballot will amend the state’s constitution to ensure abortion and contraceptive rights.

“Choice is very important to AAUW’s mission of encouraging women to continue their education, succeed in the workplace and attain equity,” said Deborah Jude-York, President. “Studies show that access to family planning and education delays childbearing and helps women and girls prosper,” she added.

AAUW is a national organization supporting women in education and career advancement. Membership is open to individuals with an associate, baccalaureate or post-graduate degree from a qualified educational institution. Nevada County’s branch offers “Friends of AAUW” membership for participation in interest groups and other activities to those who have not yet completed a degree. For more information:  https://nevadacounty-ca.aauw.net.