June 18, 2018 at 4:09 PM update

Statement from the Nevada State Engineer

The Nevada State Engineer is actively managing a partial failing of the Washoe Lake Dam in Washoe Valley, in accordance with the Dam’s Emergency Action Plan procedures. Currently, the dam is not breached and repairs are underway. The State Engineer is working closely with other state and local officials to restore the integrity of the dam and protect the public. If an evacuation becomes necessary, Washoe County safety officials will notify impacted residents. For updates on evacuations or other public safety announcements, go to www.washoecounty.us/.

Reno, Nev. June 18, 2018. According to Nevada Division of Water Resources, after a routine inspection today, it was determined that the Washoe Lake Dam is in danger of potentially breaching.

Should the Washoe Lake Dam breach, Steamboat Creek area would be flooded. The dam is showing signs of potential compromise, and residents are asked in these and surrounding areas, to please be prepared to evacuate when notified.

Updates will be forthcoming as more information is available.