NEVADA CITY, Calif. September 17, 2020 – I am excited to announce my bid for a seat on the city council of Nevada City, and to introduce myself to those of you in the community who don’t know me. My name is Amy Cobden, and I was born and raised in Nevada City. I moved back home in 2014 after earning my Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology. I love Nevada City, which is why I chose to return here and put down roots. I now own a home downtown on Deer Creek and work in a forestry consulting business in Grass Valley, where I help local landowners and regional utility companies in many aspects of resource management and fire defensibility.

Amy Cobden on the right and and her sister, Cameron

I’m running for this seat for two important reasons. First, I believe that we need more scientists in politics at every level, and that need is stronger than ever in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and the threat of fire to our community. Second, I’ve struggled for years to find a job here and pay rent just like many of my neighbors and friends, and I want to make these things better.

Like many of you, wildfire is an ever-present part of my life. I understand what it takes to prevent a home, a town, or a forest from burning. I have spent the last five years working with my hands, clearing land, and as a contractor for major utility companies, supervising large-scale fire defense projects. I have a proven track record working with utility companies, helping to facilitate communication between them and their customers, and ensuring that jobs get done while customers stay satisfied that their voices were heard. In my personal life, my partner is a hotshot wildland firefighter, who is regularly on the frontlines of wildfires; conversation about fire is a regular part of our home life. As a council member, I will bring experience and working relationships with both firefighters and utility companies to the table.

I’ve been honored to earn the endorsements of both the Indivisible Women of Nevada County and the Nevada County Democrats. My primary goals as a city council member are to

  • prioritize supporting our local businesses through COVID-19, our next round of PSPS, and whatever follows
  • address the effects of vacation rentals on limited housing
  • work with the Fire Safe Council to ensure that our community is informed and educated about what we can all do to prevent unnecessary tragedy in our town and surrounding community.

I believe our community is small enough that we can communicate with one another, face to face, despite our differences, and that when we face difficulty we unite more than we divide. As a supervising utility contractor, I have found that the most meaningful part of my day is when I can help an upset customer by listening to them and coming up with a solution that directly addresses and eases their concerns. I hope that in the coming weeks, through endorsements and conversations with me and my supporters, you will agree that I am committed to that level of communication at a city-wide level, just as I am committed to this very special place.

Your hopeful City Council Candidate,

Amy Cobden, Ph.D.

FPPC #1430908

If you have any questions for me, or would like to learn more about my campaign, please don’t hesitate to reach out:


Instagram: @amy4nevadacity