GRASS VALLEY Calif. May 2, 2018 – From GVPD’s Facebook page:

On Tuesday last week, Caralyn from Grass Valley Animal Control responded to a call for help from some GV residents who believed a cat may be trapped under their house.

They did not own a cat but could hear “Meows” from time-to-time coming from somewhere under the house. Caralyn explored and searched as best she could but did not locate a cat.

The “Meowing” persisted over the next several days, so on Friday, Caralyn went back.

Upon further examination, she and the homeowner located a very old, dry well under the house that was about 40 feet deep.

Fearing that the cat may be somewhere at the bottom of the well, Caralyn and a Grass Valley Police Sergeant were able to wiggle back to the well even though there was only 14 inches of clearance.

They devised a way to lower a trap with some cat food to the bottom. Then they waited…..but, no cat.

Caralyn left the trap over the weekend, and checked again on Monday….still no cat.

But when she checked again on Tuesday, Caralyn’s persistence had paid off. The hungry cat was safely in the trap and she was able to lift the cat to safety.

Other than Caralyn’s uniform, everything and everyone made it out safe. Thank you Caralyn for going above and beyond in this situation!

The cat is currently on a 5 day hold to see if anyone claims it.

If not, it will be available for adoption at the Grass Valley Animal Shelter on Freeman Lane.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Grass Valley Police for sharing this story and special thanks to Caralyn for the rescue!