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NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. June 29, 2020 – You pull up to a 4 way stop in Nevada County, and no one moves because we all wave to each other to go first? Sound familiar? If so, then you have experienced the Nevada County way. We are the community that takes care of each other. Today, we need that community spirit more than ever.

Remember when we sheltered at home and everything was shut down? It was hard but we did it and Nevada County held at 41 cases for a month. Then, to prevent businesses from failing, and because our mental health from living in isolation was threatened, we started to re-open.

Today we are at 108 confirmed cases of COVID 19 and rising. We have people across the spectrum refusing to do what seems to be a much easier sacrifice than isolation; wearing a mask in public. Our businesses, elected officials and public health officers are facing threats. These are our community members doing their best to keep us safe. Our public health officials are educated in science and medicine. They are not politicians, they are public servants dedicated to public safety. More than ever our lives depend on being able to trust guidance from public health leaders and departments. When we silence or threaten those charged with safeguarding the public’s health, we undermine our ability to stay as healthy as possible.

Who are we impacting by not following the guidelines? Maybe it’s your 16 year old neighbor at their first grocery store job, being harassed while asking a customer to wear a mask. Maybe it’s your aunt or nephew who has an autoimmune disease and is high risk. Maybe it’s law enforcement, called over a mask dispute, instead of managing a far greater emergency like an accident or fire.

Where will we be if we don’t follow the guidelines, and cases continue to rise? Likely headed into another shutdown which would devastate our local economy even more.

At this moment in history, we will be remembered for our sacrifice and our ability to adapt while facing increasing financial instability, mental health challenges, and public health crises. We must ensure Nevada County remains strong. We must wear masks, practice social distancing, and wash our hands regularly. This is for the benefit of us all.

If you agree wearing a face covering in public and continuing social distancing is better than isolation and shutdown, please let your voice be heard. Attend virtual public meetings, write or speak to your supervisor or local elected, and share your support for enforcement of the mandate. Write a letter to the editor. Write or call your favorite stores and commend them or insist they enforce mask wearing. Share this letter with your networks. Do your part to keep Nevada County safe and resilient.

Please join us, the undersigned businesses and community members, in taking a stand to protect our public health officials, our front line essential workers, our neighbors and yourself by following the state mandate to wear a mask when in public and signing this petition today! Together we will rebuild Nevada County. #wearamask #NevadaCountyStrong


  • Ali Lightfoot, General Manager, KVMR 89.5, Nevada City
  • Alison Sweetser, Grass Valley
  • Amber Jo Manuel, Executive Director, The Center for the Arts, Grass Valley
  • Amy Cobden, Ph.D, Anthropology/Biology, Nevada City
  • Ana Action, Executive Director, FREED, Grass Valley
  • Andrea Good, Graphic Designer, Nevada City
  • Andrew & Cindy Pawlowski, Nevada City
  • Anna L’Esperance, The National and Holbrooke Hotels, Nevada City/Grass Valley
  • Arly Helm, MS, Nutrition and Food Science, Nevada City
  • Barbara & Ed Thomas, Nevada City
  • Beth Moore and David Kuczora, Wild Eye Pub, Grass Valley
  • Bob Branstrom, Grass Valley
  • Carol A. Turner, Nevada City
  • Carol Kuczora, Grass Valley
  • Carrie Hawthorne and Kira Westly, Kitkitdizzi, Nevada City
  • Celine Adrianna Negrete, General Manager, Onyx Theatre, Nevada City
  • Charlie Faber, Owner, C&D Construction Inc, Grass Valley
  • Chris Maher, General Manager, Briarpatch Co-op, Grass Valley
  • Cristine Kelly & Gregory Gilbert, Fix Creative & In Balance Physical Therapy and Acupuncture, Nevada City
  • Cynthia Stewart, owner, NetLinked Solution, Inc., Nevada City
  • Dan Castles, CEO, Telestream, Nevada City
  • Daniel Batchelor, Elevation 2477, Nevada City
  • David Painter, Retired, SPD Markets, Nevada City
  • David and Alison L. Cohen, Nevada City, Cohen Defense Group
  • Dawn Harris, MD; Chief, Department of Medicine, Director, Emergency Medicine
  • Director, California Worldfest, a benefit for The Center for the Arts
  • Dr. Brian Evans, CEO, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Grass Valley
  • Dr. Lee Zasloff, Adjunct Professor, Sierra College, Grass Valley
  • Dr. Leslie Phillips, Veterinarian, Grass Valley
  • Eileen Blodgett and Dori Anderson, Nevada City
  • Elisa Parker, See Jane Do
  • Eliza Tudor, Nevada City
  • Erika Lee Seward, Nevada City
  • Erin & Dan Thiem, owners, Outside Inn & Inntown Campground, Nevada City
  • Greg Sharp and Karen Leigh Sharp, Nevada City
  • Gretchen Bond, Executive Director, Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center, Nevada City
  • Ingrid Nelson, Photographer, Nevada City
  • Jaceline Pascoe, Grass Valley
  • Jack Pascoe, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist, Grass Valley
  • Jackie Wapp, President, Nevada City Lyons
  • Jalana Smith, Grass Valley
  • Jamie Reeves, Nevada Joint Union Highschool District, Board member, Nevada City
  • Jason and Tamara Fouyer, Grass Valley
  • Jeff Clark, Owner, Onyx Theatre, Nevada City
  • Jenna Wardel, Glo MedAesthetics, Nevada City
  • Jennifer Singer, Executive Director, The Friendship Club, Nevada City
  • Jesse Locks, Executive Director, Nevada City Film Festival
  • Joan Merriam, Nevada City
  • Joe Stehmeyer, BSN, Kari Stehmeyer of the Karing Closet of Nevada County
  • John Baker, Nevada City Engineering, Inc.
  • John Regan, Nevada City
  • John Taber, Executive Producer KVMR Celtic Festival and Marketplace; Festival
  • John and Darlene Abt, Owners, AJA Video Systems Inc., Grass Valley
  • John and Michelle Baker, Nevada City
  • Jon Blinder, Nevada City
  • Jonathan Hischke, Musician, Nevada City
  • Jordan Fisher Smith, Nevada City
  • Julie and Ken Hardin, InConcertSierra, Grass Valley
  • Julie and Richard Baker, Nevada City
  • Justine Jacus, Beads Galore, Grass Valley
  • Kathy & Brett Dotson, Nevada City
  • Kimberly Pepe (Pepper), Homes with Pepper, Rough and Ready
  • Leonard and Michele DiFranco, Grass Valley
  • Linda Rachmel, Co-founder and Owner, YubaDocs Urgent Care, Grass Valley
  • Lorraine Gervais, Artist, Nevada City
  • Lorri Flores, Pete’s Pizza, Grass Valley
  • Luanne McKinnon, Nevada City
  • Lucy and Bruce Bottrell, Grass Valley
  • Marina Bernheimer, Executive Director, Child Advocates of Nevada County
  • Marni Marshall, Nevada City
  • Marty and Kathleen Lombardi, Grass Valley
  • Matt and Michelle Margulies, Accountability Pro, Inc., Nevada City
  • Melinda Booth, Nevada CIty
  • Melissa Seibold, Nevada City
  • Michael and Azriel LaMarca, Sierra Cinemas, Grass Valley
  • Micheleen Bowman, Dragonfly Salon, Nevada City
  • Nancy & Tim Solyan, Brew Bakers Coffee & Tea House, Grass Valley
  • Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
  • Nikiya Schwarz, Gold Dust Collective, Nevada City
  • Nina Janowsky Snegg & Mike Snegg, Nevada City
  • Patricia Nelson & Tuck Weills, Nevada City
  • Rachel Budde, Fat and the Moon, Grass Valley
  • Regan Gere, Nevada City
  • Rick & Jan Sweringen, Nevada City
  • Rick and Nell Moulton, Nevada City
  • Roger Burger, PhD, Immunology, Nevada City
  • Roger Hicks, Co-owner and Medical Director of YubaDocs Urgent Care, Grass Valley
  • Roi Lynn Arnold and Lize Hottegindre, ABSTRAKT, Nevada City
  • Ron & Julie Carrara, Broad Street Inn, Nevada City
  • Roseanne Burke, Nevada City
  • Sandra Barrington, Nevada City
  • Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, Grass Valley
  • Steve Hurley, Licensed Real Estate Appraiser, Grass Valley
  • Stuey Weills, Gray Goose, Nevada City
  • Tom Strolle, Best Friends Animal Clinic, Grass Valley
  • Vilina Hutter, Nevada City

Editor’s note: Updated to include the link to the online petition and sorted signatories alphabetically