August 14, 2020 – Throughout the week, investigators from the Nevada City Police Department have been working in partnership with investigators from the Grass Valley Police Department, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office. Many victims and witnesses have come forward as well as multiple video clips taken from community member’s cell phones.

In compiling all of the statements and evidence and working with our allied agencies, we have identified several suspects and have put together some strong prosecutable cases.

We can’t thank the community members enough for coming forward and assisting us with both your accounts of the incident as well as video footage.

The actions demonstrated by the counter-protesters cannot and will not be tolerated in any of our local communities. There is no place for the hatred and violence which occurred in our town last Sunday, and we as a community need to stick together and flush it out.

At 3:05 PM today, members of the Nevada City Police Department along with members of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office and the Grass Valley Police Department, located one of the primary aggressors of the incident on Buckeye Road. He was arrested and is currently being booked into the Wayne Brown Correctional Facility. The suspect arrested was identified as James Steven Smith of Nevada County.

The investigation as of today is still active and ongoing. Additional charges and prosecution of suspects involved is still imminent.

Thank you to all of our allied agencies and your assistance. I am grateful we live in a community where we have such a great working relationship.

Chad Ellis
Chief of Police