January 16, 2017 – On 01/16/17 at approximately 4:53PM, Grass Valley Police Officers responded to a report of a subject acting erratically on the McKnight Way overpass. The subject was reported to have been attempting to flag down cars and in an out of the traffic lane. A GVPD officer and a CHP officer initially responded. Upon contact by the officers the subject attempted to flee. When confronted, he attempted to strike the GVPD officer. The CHP officer deployed a Taser, but it was ineffective. During the altercation, the GVPD officer was elbowed in the nose while the officer protected his firearm, which was being grabbed and pulled on by the suspect. During the altercation, a magazine for the officer’s firearm became dislodged from its pouch as well and the suspect attempted to assault the officer(s) multiple times.

As the altercation and struggle to take the suspect into custody continued, the GVPD officer attempted to subdue the subject by using a baton, which also was not effective. The subject, identified as Rogelio Anguiano-Estrada (age 31) was ultimately taken into custody by multiple officers. The officer was treated and released at the emergency room for injuries sustained as a result of the altercation and is expected to make a full recovery. The suspect remains in police custody and is still not cooperative at the time of this release. He is being checked for injuries and medical clearance for jail booking. On-scene officers believe the suspect to be under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest.

He was arrested for the following charges:

148(d)PC – Attempting to remove a firearm from peace officer
243(b) x2 – Battery on a peace officer
69PC – Resisting arrest by force or violence

As is customary in an incident resulting in police use of force, this incident will be investigated, including review of body worn camera video, to ensure conformance with policies and state law related to use of force.

If anyone has recordings or other useful information that may be used for the review as well as the criminal investigation of the suspect’s actions, please contact GVPD.