May 29, 2019 – United Way of Nevada County will be hosting a California CareForce Health Clinic in 2020. Recently, two very serious members of our Health Clinic planning committee, Mindy Oberne and Roger Lewis, held an art sale in their gallery to benefit the upcoming clinic.

Longtime Grass Valley residents, Mindy and Roger, have made their living in the art world for many years. They show their art in the Twin Star Gallery located on their property. “It’s very sad that in a country as rich as ours, there are so many who are suffering because they are unable to afford basic health care such as dental and vision.” said Roger. “That’s why we feel it so important to support this clinic. We encourage all to do the same.”

Mindy said, “People came with love in their hearts, wanting to contribute to this great cause. I had several people pay more than they purchased and told me to keep the change. This fundraiser was highly publicized locally through print, radio and online. Thank you to everyone who allowed us to get the word out.”

The 2-day free health clinic, January 11&12 2020, will be provided by the California CareForce, and hosted by United Way of Nevada County. Services will include medical, dental and vision care. Free prescription glasses will be made on-site. Dental x-rays, cleanings, fillings, and if necessary, extractions will be provided. All these services will be available to all, free, no questions asked. For information on donating and volunteering go to or for patient info go to

If you missed this great art sale, some of their photography is located at our office for viewing. Contact Donna at to arrange a time. To view a video of their gallery, go to and search for Mindy Oberne. For more information about the gallery, contact Mindy and Roger at