Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 7, 2019 – The Chronicles Group (TCG), a multimedia non-profit organization, announced today that its latest documentary “Beyond the Brink: California’s Watershed” will have its world theatrical debut as an official selection of the 2020 Wild & Scenic Film Festival. The film is created, produced and directed by cinematic public policy influencer and regional environmental planner Jim Thebaut.  

The documentary shows the effect climate change has had on the health of California’s forested watersheds and the resulting devastation. Through expert interviews, powerful imagery, and open-sourced journalism, Thebaut warns that there is little time to repair the damage. Without the reserves, the snowbanks in the Sierra Nevada Mountains provide, California is doomed to an evolving intensity of drought conditions, water scarcity and an increase in uncontainable forest fires.  

This rapidly evolving demise of California’s Watershed is a microcosm of the global consequences of climate change. As global shortages of water – and it’s resulting shortage of food and energy – become apparent, the critical ramifications on the social fabric and our national security become obvious. As the documentary states, developing scientific and technological solutions must be an immediate priority. Furthermore, the debate over anthropomorphic warming is over. Steps need to be taken to reduce man made greenhouse gases before the world is set on fire.

“We are seeing the results of climate change as it visibly, measurably impacts our water supply and by extension the forests that so depend on reliable year-round water,” said Jim Thebaut. “The debut of this film at such a prestigious festival, focused on wildlife and sustainability is of course an honor, and I hope it inspires people to adopt the change that’s needed.”

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is held in Nevada City and Grass Valley, California with the mission of inspiring environmental activism and a love for nature–through film. The annual 5-day event features 100+ films, workshops, visiting filmmakers and activist talks, family-friendly programs, art exhibitions, and parties. In addition, the festival raises funds for the South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL). 

“Beyond the Brink: California’s Watershed”, is the latest in TCG’s series of documentaries dealing with public policy and national security issues. These include: “Running Dry” (2005), “The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?” (2008) and “Beyond the Brink” (2017). “Running Dry” was the foundation and genesis for the 2005 Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act and 2014 Water for the World Act. 

About Jim Thebaut

Throughout his career, Jim Thebaut has written, produced and directed an array of prominent, socially significant productions, including his 1992 Cable Ace Award-nominated America Undercover documentary for HBO, “The Iceman Tapes – Conversations with a Killer.” He has also produced A&E’s “Bad Cops” and “Execution at Midnight.” Thebaut was the executive producer for the CBS television dramatic special “A Deadly Business,” which exposed organized crime’s involvement in the toxic waste business. He also directed/produced the documentary for Public Television, “The Cold War and Beyond,” which explored the Cold War brinksmanship between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Prior to Thebaut’s film career, he was a Regional Environmental Planner and responsible for numerous Environmental Impact Statements, Energy and Environmental Planning studies in Washington State, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. Thebaut holds degrees from the University of Washington, San Francisco State University and UCLA. 

About The Chronicles Group
The Chronicles Group is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation focusing on educating the public through media about profound issues that affect both human and ecological systems. Through their experience in producing documentary films that address subjects ranging from the Cold War to water resources, The Chronicles Group has a proven record of accomplishment in message communications, public engagement and environmental planning. For more information go to Chroniclesgroup.org