May 2, 2019 – The organizers regret to inform you that the Blue Marble Jubilee scheduled to happen on May 11, 2019 has been cancelled. In the current social and political climate, schools and communities must take into consideration matters never before imagined.

Earlier this week a group that screens political figures’ comments and social media posts searching for hints to conspiracy theories connected the Blue Marble Jubilee, and the school (Grass Valley Charter School, GVCS) for which it is a fundraiser, to a post put on social media. The school was not named or referenced in the post. It was a far-reaching connection that was drawn through forced acronyms and rearranged letters. It in no way was a threat made towards the Grass Valley Charter School or the Nevada County community.

The safety and security of the school families and the community must be taken very seriously. This week, Grass Valley Charter School officials have had continuous communication with the Grass Valley Police Department (GVPD), Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, and the Grass Valley School District leadership team and school board. GVPD and the sheriff’s office have deemed this entire situation as unfounded and claim they firmly believe it poses zero threat to our school and community.

However, out of an abundance of caution, the district, GVCS leadership team, and Blue Marble Jubilee organizers have decided to cancel the Blue Marble Jubilee.

Adds Wendy Willoughby, President of the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation, “Of course, there is no question about putting safety first, however, we are devastated by the impact on our festival. Not only is it disappointing that the cancellation of this event deprives the families of our school and community a day of fun and connection, but the Blue Marble Jubilee also serves as a fundraiser. We now find ourselves not only out the potential dollars raised at the event, but also the money already spent in preparation.

The Grass Valley Charter School Foundation is providing the opportunity for those inclined to support the children of the school with a donation. Visit the Blue Marble Jubilee’s website ( to donate. All pre-sold tickets will be refunded next week.