GRASS VALLEY, CA November 8, 2018 – Bob Branstrom, a candidate for the Grass Valley City Council, announced that he has conceded the race to Ben Aguilar and Hilary Hodge. The three candidates were seeking to fill two positions during the November2018 election.

In announcing his decision he said, “Enough votes have been counted that it is clear the lead Ben and Hilary have established would be very unlikely to be overcome. I have called both of the other candidates to offer my congratulations. I know that they both care as much about Grass Valley as I do and will work hard to make Grass Valley a better place for those who live and work here.”

One of Branstrom’s campaign themes was more public participation in local government. He will continue to be involved in our local community and encourages others to do the same. He said, “The wheels of government often turn slowly, but they do turn. Our local city council has demonstrated that they will listen and act to make improvements for Grass Valley.”

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