Grass Valley – BriarPatch Food Co-op is participating in Plastic Free July, a global movement that empowers millions of people to be part of the solution to the plastic pollution problem.

Worldwide single-use plastics create billions of tons of waste each year but learning to make slight changes can add up to big improvements. All month long, the Co-op will be offering tips and resources to help folks make healthy new habits, save money and reduce single use plastic waste.

Here’s what The Patch is doing during July:

· Removing all plastic bags and containers in the Bulk Department. The Co-op will offer paper bags and encourage folks to bring clean containers from home. Mason jars and other plastic-free containers will also be available for purchase.

· Created a Plastic Free July resource page located at:

· Created a Plastic Free July treasure map on the screen behind the Customer Service desk. Look for the shelf tags throughout the store next to Staff Picks of favorite plastic-free products.

· Posting tips and resources on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

· Joining Wild & Scenic Film Festival on Thursday, July 22 at 7 p.m. to co-host a virtual screening of the film, “The Story of Plastic” followed by a Q & A with Director Deia Schlosberg. Proceeds benefit SYRCL’s Annual Yuba River Cleanup. Learn more and reserve tickets:

Sadly, eight million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans every year. That’s the equivalent of one garbage truck’s worth of plastic. While the statistics can feel overwhelming, there are simple habits that everyone can make to reduce the plastic waste stream.

Here are three easy things that everyone can do:

· Bring reusable bags when you shop.

· Invest in a stainless-steel water bottle and reusable coffee mug.

· Stop using plastic straws!

Learn more about BriarPatch Food Co-op:

BriarPatch Food Co-op is a community-owned cooperative business. We provide our community with quality food and products, strengthen our local economy, and support local/regional businesses that are committed to regenerative agriculture, sustainability, humane practices, and organic farming.