August 21, 2017 – On August 20, 2017 the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office had responded to two burglaries in close vicinity during the evening hours where the suspect had not been located. Victims of the called in burglaries saw the suspect and gave good descriptions of him and his clothing.

Around 8:00am the Sheriff’s Office received a call for an address off of Mt. Olive Rd. where the victim was reporting a burglary in progress. The reporting party advised there was a subject in his motor home who had closed the drapes and locked the door. Deputies responded to the location and made contact with the victim at his residence. Deputies were able to make entry into the motor home and arrested the suspect who was still inside the trailer.

The suspect was wearing some of the victim’s clothes, had money stolen from the victim in his pocket and admitted to taking the items. Deputies made contact with two victims from the earlier evening burglaries and they agreed to conduct an infield view of the suspect. The other victims positively identified the suspect as the same person who had gone to their homes.

Raymond Jensen (Age 29) was arrested inside the trailer and charged with two local misdemeanor warrants, residential burglary, prowling, peeping and possession of drug paraphernalia.