NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. July 6, 2020 – The latest California Department of Public Health (CDPH) list 141 positive cases of COVID-19 for Nevada County, an increase of 16 since Thursday. The data includes all new cases up to July 5, 2020. Later today, the Nevada County update will include the latest active cases and the number of tests performed last week.

According to CDPH, Nevada County has experienced a 78.5% increase in positive cases over the last two weeks with 62 new cases.

Hospitalization data lists 9 hospitalized patients in two hospitals and 2 patients in ICU units. 30% of ICU beds remain available according to the CDPH data.

Nevada County not yet on state monitoring list

Despite the increase in cases, Nevada County is not on CDPH monitoring list. The criteria for placing a county on the monitoring list include elevated disease transmission, increasing hospitalizations and limited hospital capacity. [source: CDPH]

CDPH county monitoring list

Education and assistance for businesses

There have been no closures of businesses by county authorities this weekend. One bar was contacted due to complaints of overcrowding before the holiday weekend. Environmental Health continues to follow up with restaurants flagged by community requests. “We appreciate businesses working with our Environmental Health team before coming to a place where closure is necessary” a county spokesperson said.

How Nevada County handles COVID-related concerns

If someone notes that there are businesses or organizations that are not following guidelines, they can visit AskNevCo app or and then proceed to the Covid-19 category.  Once your complaint is submitted it will be triaged to the appropriate department or jurisdiction for education first and a compliance request document is given to the business. Our goal is that education will achieve compliance. If we receive continued complaints, that can be followed by a Cease and Desist letter and then administrative citation or notice of violation. Our last resort could be to file a temporary restraining order if the business continues to not be willing to come into compliance for community and employee health and safety. We are confident that by working with our businesses we can achieve compliance and put the community’s health and safety first.