June 26, 2018 – With the 4th of July days away it is important to understand the dangers of fireworks.

– Illegal fireworks pose a serious threat of both causing injury and sparking wildfires.

– Each year, serious injuries and millions of dollars in property loss occurs because of wildfires sparked by fireworks.

– Every year fires are caused by illegal and unsafe use of legal fireworks, endangering members of the public and first responders. Those responsible for starting fires due to illegal use of fireworks can be held financially and criminally responsible.

– Large grass crops and abundant vegetation, due to a wet winter, increase the threat for devastating wildfires throughout all of California and that is why those who choose to use Safe and Sane fireworks must take all precautions and follow all safety instructions.

– CAL FIRE Law Enforcement officers recently seized 50,000 pounds of illegal fireworks.

– California has a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal fireworks. We, along with local authorities will be working together to ensure a safe holiday.

– The use and sale of Safe and Sane fireworks is decided by local governing bodies like city councils and county board of supervisors. Permitted safe and sane fireworks will bear a seal from the Office of the State Fire Marshal.

– Possession of illegal fireworks could lead to fines and jail time.

– In many communities in California, all fireworks, even Safe and Sane, are prohibited. This includes all unincorporated areas of Placer, Nevada and Yuba counties.

– Be sure to check with your local government to see specific local restrictions in your area. The cities of Roseville, Rocklin and Lincoln allow Safe and Sane when used as instructed.

– Parents are liable for any damage or injuries caused by their children using fireworks.

– Watching a professional licensed fireworks show is highly encouraged.

Fireworks Safety Tips:

– First check that fireworks are allowed in the area you plan to use them. Not Allowed in unincorporated areas of Placer, Nevada and Yuba Counties.

– Only use legal Safe and Sane fireworks where they are allowed. Not Allowed in unincorporated areas of Placer, Nevada and Yuba Counties.

– Use only State Fire Marshal approved fireworks

– Local ordinances should be verified before purchasing and/or using fireworks

– Always read directions

– Always have an adult present

– Only use fireworks outdoors

– Never use near dry grass or other flammable materials

– Light one at a time

– Have a bucket of water and a hose nearby

Fireworks Injury Prevention Safety Tips:

– Never place any part of your body directly over a fireworks device when lighting the fuse

– Back up several feet immediately after lighting fireworks

– Never point or throw fireworks at another person

– Never experiment with fireworks

– Never attempt to re-light or “fix” fireworks

– Do not wear loose fitting clothing while lighting fireworks

– Never carry fireworks in your pockets

– Fireworks are not toys

For more tips on how you can stay safe this 4th of July, check out our fireworks safety guide at ReadyForWildfire.org.