MARYSVILLE, CA October 7, 2019 –  Survivors of the 2018 Camp Fire in Butte County who relocate to Yuba County may now be able to transfer the base year value of their damaged or destroyed property to the replacement property, according to Yuba County Assessor Stephen Duckels.

A resolution adopted by the Yuba County Board of Supervisors earlier this year makes such a transfer of base value possible, in instances where there is a Governor-declared disaster.

“What this means is that, if certain requirements are met, you may be able to transfer the assessed value of your property in Butte County to your property recently purchased in Yuba County and benefit from property tax based on your prior assessed value rather than the market value of the replacement residence,” Duckels said.

The main requirements that must be met are:

  • The original property was owned and occupied as a principal residence
  • The replacement property is owned and occupied by the same person as a principal residence
  • The market value of the replacement property at the time of purchase is of equal or lesser value than the market value of the original property immediately prior to the disaster
  • The replacement property is purchased or newly constructed within three years, following the date of damage or destruction

Those who believe their property may qualify for this benefit should contact the Yuba County Assessor’s Office by phone at 749-7820 or visit the Assessor’s Office at the Yuba County Government Center, located at 915 8th Street, Suite 101, in Marysville.