Juvenile Ash-throated Flycatchers and Western Kingbird in care (photo by Ann Westling)

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. March 27, 2017 – An orientation and training on April 8 is being sponsored by Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release (WR&R) for any volunteer interested in helping injured native songbirds and/or working at WR&R’s Intake Center. “This training will teach participants about caring for native, injured songbirds as well the role of volunteers at the Intake Center,” stated Kathleen Willis, Intake Center Director.

“The Intake Center is open from May 1 through August and is the primary triage center for assisting songbirds. This training is available for both new volunteers as well as returning members and is required for all those working at the Intake Center this summer,” stated Willis.

The training will be held at WR&R’s Intake Center, 799 Maltman Dr, Grass Valley, from 10:00 – 3:00 with registration starting at 9:30. The Intake Center is located across the street from Taco Bell, in the alley behind Walker’s Office Supply.

Intake Center Director Kathleen Willis readies a young Steller’s Jay for an exam (photo by Ann Westling)

Caring for injured songbirds and then releasing them back into the wild is an incredible experience. We are really in need of more songbird rehabbers and Intake Center volunteers and welcome everyone who might be interested in this heartwarming opportunity,” continued Willis. At the training, experienced songbird rehab volunteers will provide an overview of the types of care needed for songbirds as well as Intake Center protocols.

The class is $10 for first-timers and $5 for members with previous training this year. Attendees will have the opportunity to join WR&R, sign-up to be a licensed rehabber and/or work at the Intake Center. Anyone wanting to be a songbird rehabber and Intake Center volunteer will need to become a member of WR&R. For more information and to RSVP, contact Kathleen Willis, 530-470-0565.

In 2016, WR&R treated over 500 songbirds. Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release (WR&R) is the all-volunteer, nonprofit organization that treats injured or orphaned birds and small mammals and releases them back to the wild.

What: Training – “Caring for Injured Songbirds and Volunteering at the Wildlife Intake Center”

Where: 799 Maltman Dr, Grass Valley, across the street from Taco Bell in the Brunswick Basin

When: Saturday – April 8 from 10:00 – 3:00 (registration begins at 9:30)

For More Information: Kathleen Willis – 530-470-0565