Nevada County February 21, 2017 – In cooperation with the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District – has lifted the emergency evacuation for Cascade Shores residents living on portions of Mountain View Drive and Pasquale Road and has reopened both roads to traffic.

Late on Sunday, Nevada County Consolidated Fire issued the evacuation due to a developing slide located on private property south of Mountain View Drive and Pasquale Road. At the time there was concern that the slide could affect a number of homes in the area. Over the past two days county staff and soils engineers have monitored the site for additional movement to determine the potential impacts to local residents.

Based on field and soil observations since Sunday, it appears that the slide is currently limited to private unimproved property and will not affect nearby homes. Residents are still advised to remain prepared to evacuate in the event additional movement is observed and to contact emergency services if any changes in the slide are seen. The county has also installed monitoring equipment along Mountain View Drive and on private property near the slide to monitor and observe future slide activity.

Earlier reports that the slide could affect Scotts Flat Dam and Lake were not correct. In addition, it does not appear that this current slide will have an effect on the nearby Cascade Shores Wastewater Treatment Plant.

For additional information on this slide and other emergency activities please contact the county at 530-265-1411 or visit the Department of Public Works’ Facebook page at