Grass Valley, Calif. January 30, 2018 – CAPE’s 5th Animal Film Festival (AFF) in partnership with the Tarshis Foundation has selected 10 films to receive cash awards ranging in amounts from $500 to $3,500.   This is the second year in a row that the Tarshis Foundation has bestowed cash prizes for short films of :30 to :90 seconds in length that creatively and convincingly highlight the issues of animals used in food production. In addition to these awards, this year the Tarshis Foundation provided the AFF funds for generous cash awards to the Best Feature, Best Short, and Best Student films.

Shelley Frost, AFF director: “Films about animals and the serious issues surrounding them, have few platforms or venues to find audiences. The Animal Film Festival was founded to provide filmmakers a platform where high quality films with strong message can reach audiences who want to learn how they can make a difference.  By providing these significant cash awards, the AFF and the Tarshis Foundation add a layer of validity by recognizing that the subjects in the films and the films themselves are exceptional.”

Three of the winning films are directed by Northern California filmmakers: Kristin Tieche, Camille Fox and Wayne Hsuing.

The winning films and filmmakers are:

The Tarshis Awards:

$3,500 Jamie Berger ‘In Another Life’ produced by Mercy for Animals

$2,500 Dustin Brown ‘Food for Thought’ produced by Last Chance for Animals

$2,000 Wayne Hsuing ‘The Truth About Cage-Free Eggs’ produced by Direct Action Everywhere

AFF Official Selection Winning Films:

Best Feature $2,000

Dogs, Cats and Scapegoats, USA directed by Hugh Dorigo

Best Shorts

1st Place $1,500 Killing Games, USA directed by Camille Fox

1st Place $1,500 A Southern Fix, USA directed by Michael Samstag

2nd Place $750 Invisible Mammal, USA directed by Kristin Tieche

3rd Place $500 The Elephant in the Room, Australia by Philippa Wilkinson

Best Students

1st Place $1500 The Walrus Whisperer, Canada directed by Adrian Pop

2nd Place $750 Verge, USA directed by Chingtien Chu

3rd Place $500 Tainted Love, UK directed by Eleanor Paish

Proceeds from the festival support programs that help animals with special needs rescued by the Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE).

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The Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE) ( works to save the lives of individual animals and to educate people about ways in which they can alleviate animal suffering. Founded in 1992, CAPE has helped thousands of animals. Those who are older, injured or recovering from an illness are placed into new, loving homes through CAPE’s foster and adoption programs. In 2012 CAPE established the CAPE Animal Sanctuary in Grass Valley, California, a permanent home for dozens of animals with special needs and burros removed from their native habitats on public lands by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. In 2016 CAPE co-created Muttopia, a shelter for rescued dogs located in Santa Rosa, CA.  CAPE also offers educational opportunities to inform people about issues animals face in society such as the Animal Film Festival, Animal Eyes TV, and local volunteer programs. CAPE programs emphasize that all animals have the right to a long, full life, free from pain and suffering. To learn more or donate please visit