Nevada County Pets in Need (NCPIN) has been serving our most vulnerable pet community for over seven years, has seen many changes over that time and has faced many challenges. Over the past few months, the Board of Directors has been working on ways to better serve the community and improve how services are delivered. The current business model of storing and distributing pet food through the Pet Pantry is not sustainable as the cost of overhead is rising.

Beginning August 18, 2021, NCPIN will close the physical food distribution center known as the Pet Pantry and will move toward a more improved and expanded business model that will provide more services to the most vulnerable pets of families with the greatest need.

By eliminating the physical location, NCPIN understands that the food program will cease to exist in its current form, but by changing how services are delivered, new doors and opportunities will open up, bringing efficiencies, reducing overhead costs and eliminating the storage of pet food that requires a physical space, with rental expenses and insurance.

Kelcie Leach, NCPIN’s President, is positive about the changes to come. She states, “I am excited for this transition and looking forward to the new opportunities it brings to our community and those in need.”

These positive changes to our processes will allow us to do the following:

• Provide pet food vouchers in partnership with local stores, eliminating the need for pet food storage all while supporting our local businesses; and
• Partner with local veterinary clinics for low cost spay/neuter and immunizations

The final details are still being worked out and, in the meantime, NCPIN will continue to support its current clients with traditional protocols until the Pet Pantry closure on August 18, 2021. In the future, as things progress, we hope to expand services further which may include veterinary services.

In the meantime, watch for updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, visit our website and shop at the NCPIN Dollar Thrift Store.

Our Thrift Store continues to thrive and provide a valuable service to our community by providing quality items at an extremely affordable price. Our clients are always telling us how grateful they are to be able to shop in a clean, bright environment and buy quality items at incredibly low prices.

Additionally, the revenue from the thrift store funds a large portion of the services NCPIN provides and combined with the reduction of administrative overhead costs, more of these dollars can go directly into providing services for those in need.