The Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission would like to invite you to participate in this year’s National Marker Day, April 28, 2023. This national event is designed to help clean and maintain the almost 200,000 historical markers believed to exist in the United States. Get more information at:

Nevada County has over 200 historical landmarks. We are looking for volunteers to visit the markers in their neighborhood, or in some other part of the County if you are up for an excursion.

There are many ways of locating the County’s markers. You can visit the interactive map of the County’s landmarks which is on the County website, and on our website.

Or you can purchase an electronic or paperback copy of our book Exploring Nevada County, a guide to all the County’s landmarks.

We are asking volunteers to do the following:

-Confirm that the landmark plaque is where it is supposed to be.

-Observe whether the plaque needs any maintenance or cleaning.

-Observe whether the plaque is obscured by vegetation.

-Report your findings to us at

We will bend the national rules just a little bit. Since many people work on Fridays, you don’t have to wait until the 28th to do your bit. And we’ll extend the time to May 1.

Following the event, we will publish a press release acknowledging all the volunteers who participated. If you have any questions, please contact