GRASS VALLEY, Calif. December 4, 2017 – On December 2, 2017 at approximately 5:56 pm, 50-year old Newcastle resident Eric Day was traveling westbound on Alta Sierra Drive, east of Francis Drive in a 1992 Geo Metro at an unknown high rate of speed. As Day approached Francis Drive he was unable to negotiate the curves in the roadway at the speed he was traveling and left the north road edge at the intersection of Francis Drive.

The Geo became airborne and impacted a four foot culvert ditch along the north roadway edge. Due to neither party utilizing their seatbelt, they were not restrained within the passenger compartment of the Geo. Upon impact with the dirt embankment the Geo began to rollover onto its left side causing the passenger to be thrown toward Day and partially ejected through the driver side window.

The passenger became trapped under the left side of the Geo as it continued to roll. The Geo came to rest within the culvert ditch lying on its left side with the passenger trapped underneath causing fatal injuries. Day was able to exit the Geo through the rear hatch and was unable to assist the passenger. A witness to the collision called 911 and attended to the collision scene. Upon emergency personnel arrival the Geo was stabilized and the passenger was freed from underneath the Geo and CPR was administered.

The passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. Alcohol was determined to be a factor for the cause of the collision and Day was placed under arrest. Further investigation is being conducted by the California Highway Patrol.