GRASS VALLEY, Calif. Sept. 6, 2017 – Waste Management of Nevada County will return to normal collection schedules Thursday after resolving an equipment failure that delayed the fueling of its natural gas powered collection fleet.

Customers who did not have their trash, recycling and/or green waste collected Wednesday are asked to set their carts curbside Saturday. Customers who were not serviced Tuesday afternoon are asked to have their carts and/or bins prepared for service Thursday.

Wednesday’s suspension of collection services affected about 5,000 customers in Grass Valley and Nevada City. It was caused by an equipment failure on a compressor that is integral to fueling a fleet of clean burning, natural gas powered trucks.

Waste Management of Nevada worked quickly to resolve the issue. It notified customers as soon as possible and set up larger bins at locations throughout Grass Valley and Nevada City for customers to use if carts were overfilling with trash. Those bins will remain in place (unless being emptied) until all customers are serviced Saturday. They are located at:

Grass Valley

Mautino Park

Mining Museum (parking lot corner of Freeman and Allison Ranch Road)

Condon Park

South Auburn Parking Lot (downtown, in center island area)

Nevada City

Pioneer Park

Nevada Street Parking Lot