Color Me Human’s 3-day Social Justice Summer Certificate Program Youth Rise is only 6 weeks away, June 23-25, and Priority Registration is now open!

At Color Me Human, we see value in inviting underrepresented youth to the front of the line to tip the scales of equity. This week (May 10-16) Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color, & LGBTQ+ Youth (ages 13-19) will have one full week to register before general public registration is open.

Youth Rise is a Social Justice Summer Certificate Program designed to give young people tools to build a better Nevada County (and a notch on their budding resumes!) Color Me Human creates brave spaces grounded in social justice for young people to build community & solidarity, learn, educate, find creative solutions and transform lives & communities.

Guided by experienced adults and community leaders skilled in youth engagement, our team will combine basic civics (how the government works), a history of struggle in America, and safely examine and critique systems built on historic trauma. This interactive workshop will leave youth with a better understanding of how to engage issues they feel most passionate about.

Please share the Priority Registration link with local Black, Indigenous, Youth of Color & LGBTQ+ Youth you know and love.

Don’t have any youth to share it with? No problem! Make a donation to Color Me Human’s Youth Rise Scholarship Fund to help ensure cost is not a barrier for anyone who wants to participate. Be sure to write “Youth Scholarship Fund” in the space that reads “Add a note”.

To learn more about cost, payment options, hours and location visit our website at