NEVADA CITY, Calif. December 1, 2019 – Come celebrate with us today! Join us from 5-9 pm at The Golden Era on Broad Street in Nevada City for our 20-year celebration and the Permanent Secure Power Supply (PSPS ? fundraiser.

The name YubaNet comes from our location, overlooking the South Yuba River. On October 16, 1999, Susan and I sat outside toasting our new venture when a smoke plume started to rise to the north. Several phone calls later, we learned about the Pendola Fire. The decision to post fire information was a sea change. Twenty years later, we are incredibly proud to do our part to keep the community informed.

With fire seasons getting longer and power shutoffs affecting millions, our workload has grown drastically.

We are still determined to provide our area the best and most accurate emergency information as fast as possible. All while reporting on your government agencies and the decisions that affect us all.

To be able to do that, we need reliable power and connectivity. Having a permanent standby generator to safely run our equipment during power outages is essential. Bringing fiber connectivity to YubaNet HQ would be the icing on the birthday cake.

Please join us today for this fun event, organized by the inimitable Lorraine Gervais and friends. Have a drink – we hear Golden Era is even crafting a special YubaNet cocktail – and chat with other readers. We would love to have you and hear from you.

If you can’t join us in person, please consider contributing online – much gratitude to everyone who has done so already.

Thanks for the first twenty years, here’s to many more and see you shortly!

Pascale Fusshoeller, editor