Juvenile Great Horned Owl and Rehabber, Laurel Gunderson – photo from WR&R files

October 17, 2017 – With the recent fires, residents may come across injured wildlife. If you find an injured bird or animal contact Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release (WR&R) (530-432-5522) with the pertinent details. The answering service will contact the on-call rehabbers and they will return your call.

If a bird is injured – keep it WARM, DARK, and QUIET. Put it in an appropriate size box with small air holes and a lid; line the box with white paper towels adding crumpled paper towels around the edge to support the bird; and keep it quiet.

Do not give the bird anything to drink or eat as improper feeding techniques or the wrong food can kill it.

Young Opossum in Rehab – photo by Ann Westling

Keep children and pets out of the area. Contact WR&R (530-432-5522).

For an injured mammal, do not approach. An injured mammal may be aggressive. Keep pets away.

Do not give it food. Contact WR&R (530-432-5522) and they will give you guidance as to how to treat the situation.

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release is the nonprofit organization for Nevada County that treats injured or orphaned small wild mammals and birds and releases them back into the wild. For more information, see www.cawildlife911.org