January 16, 2017 – On January 1, 2017, Nevada County Child Protective Services began full implementation of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) with a singular goal of finding permanency for any child who suffers from abuse or neglect.  Lead by the California Department of Social Services, CCR is an immense, multi-year statewide initiative that recognizes children who suffer from abuse and neglect thrive best when they live in a supportive, home-based, family environment – whether it be for a short-term period while their biological parents rebuild their lives or permanently if they cannot return to their biological parents.

Another goal of CCR is for children and their family caregivers to be fully supported and for their ongoing needs met – including financial supports, access to medical and behavioral health treatments and educational opportunities for the resource families. CCR aims to minimize the reliance on congregate care, commonly known as group homes and shelters, and only turning to those options when a child’s needs require quality, short-term, therapeutic care.

For CCR to succeed we need the help of our community, particularly relatives and family friends of children who come under the care of the Nevada County Child Protective Services. Relatives and family friends can help us ensure children and youth are placed in supportive, home-based, family settings.  Studies suggest that children placed with relatives experience less trauma, stronger bonds with siblings and extended family members, and are less likely to experience multiple placements, among other positive outcomes.

We welcome the support of our community members to improve the lives of our foster children, by opening their hearts and homes as a resource family.  For more information about the Continuum of Care Reform, please contact Program Manager Nicholas Ready at the Nevada County Child Protective Services Office at (530) 265-1654 or nicholas.ready@co.nevada.ca.us.