A Western Screech-owl, Kajika accompanied by Janet Goodban and a Barn Owl, named Steamer, with Karen Koskey may be in attendance at the Northridge in Penn Valley on April 30th. Both Steamer and Kajika are wildlife ambassadors entrusted to Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release. Due to their various injuries, they can not survive on their own in the wild. Steamer was injured as a baby when he fell from his perch in a barn and landed in a pile of fresh cow manure. He survived while a sibling did not. Karen Koskey provides for his care through the wildlife ambassador program of WR&R. Photo by Ann Westling.

PENN VALLEY, Calif. April 29, 2019 – Penn Valley Northridge Inn will be hosting a benefit for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release on Tuesday April 30, from 5-9 P.M. The Northridge is generously donating 10% of the evening’s proceeds to benefit the work of Wildlife Rehabilitation &Release.

WR&R is a Nevada County based organization which cares for injured and orphaned native wildlife, with the goal of releasing healthy animals and birds back into their natural environment. We are a 100% volunteer organization, and all proceeds go directly to the care and feeding of our wildlife.

Also attending this event will be some of our wildlife ambassadors. This is your chance to get up close and personal with some hawks, owls, a crow, and maybe some snakes! So come on out to the Northridge, feed yourself on their great cuisine, and help feed our wonderful wildlife.

For more info, contact Karen, 530-388-8525, or email kkosk@hughes.net