Nevada City, Calif. March 22, 2019 – Founded in 1970, by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, the first EARTH DAY was conceived as a day focused on education about environmental issues. Forty-nine years later, EARTH DAY has grown into a global phenomenon. More than one billion people now rally, plant trees, pick up garbage, make speeches, and engage in a widely diverse range of activities as they rededicate themselves to the task of caring for our planet. EARTH DAY has become the largest secular event in the world.

On Saturday, April 20th, the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center will host an EARTH DAY CELEBRATION on the beautiful Oak Tree Campus. Our EARTH DAY commemoration is a joyous gathering to celebrate life. We humans are not separate from the planet we inhabit. The elements that comprise our bodies are present throughout the great diversity of life that shares this beautiful world, as well as throughout the planet itself. It doesn’t matter if you consider global warming to be a hoax or a fact, or believe that you reside on a disc or a sphere. What matters is that you are here now and are part of, not apart from, Planet Earth.

We hope that you will join us for a day of fun and frolic at our 4th annual EARTH DAY CELEBRATION on the San Juan Ridge. There will be Native American drumming and song, music, food, vendors, children’s games and activities, a raffle, bake sale, and more. In association with the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association, Cathé Fish, Master Gardener, Passive Solar Instructor and Permaculture Educator will present a talk from 3-4 pm in the Lodge: “Defensible Space Can Be Beautiful and How Permaculture Protects Forests.” In addition to being a fundraiser for children’s summer camps, this gathering is a celebration of the great beauty and diversity of life that is all around us. Happiness is good for us and good for the Earth!


Where: Oak Tree Campus 18847 Oak Tree Road (1 mile from North San Juan)

When: Saturday, April 20th Noon-6 pm

Cost: FREE, DONATIONS of any amount welcomed! All proceeds support fun, inclusive summer camps for children on the San Juan Ridge.

If you would like additional information, have a donation for our raffle or would like to sign up to vend or volunteer, please call the Family Resource Center at 292.3174. We welcome your support!