Eight long-time artists of Nevada County are featured at a new exhibit entitled “Elements” at the Odd Fellows’ Seven Stars Gallery in Nevada City from August 4 – 31.  Eileen Blodgett, Nik Colyer, Yvon Dockter, Eli Rush,  Rene Sprattling, David Wong, Peggy Wright, and Kathy Wronski are participating in this show.  

Monet's Boat in Givernay by David Wong
Monet’s Boat at Giverny by David Wong

“I gathered artists I know and admire and asked them to select an element or elements of the earth to showcase.   Earth, fire, wind, water, wood and the human element are all depicted through color, paintings, ceramics, photography and mixed media.   We hope to convey not only the beauty of the earth, but the interconnectedness, diversity, and relationship between the elements” stated Peggy Wright, coordinator of the show.  

This impressive exhibit of about 60 pieces of art, presented at the Odd Fellows, will be displayed during August with the opening reception on August 4 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm at the Seven Stars Gallery, 210 Spring St in Nevada City.  Gallery hours are: Thurs (11-5 pm); and Fri, (1-5 pm) and Sat/Sun (10-5 pm).

In describing their featured art work in this show, the exhibiters commented:

“Most of the earth is water – we are mostly water.  I have paddled close to 3,000 miles on rivers in the Amazon rainforest and in the far north of Alaska and Canada, which might explain why much of my photography is of water,” said Eli Rush, painter.  

Peggy Wright, through mixed media collages also featured water in her works. “Water flows, falls, drips, freezes, thaws, erodes, pools, and quenches: a dance with all life on earth.” 

Forest Path By David Wong

David Wong, photographer, explained his selection of photos, “Fire, wind, water and earth are all elements in my photos for this exhibit from primordial lightning to the peaceful beauty of the ancient Redwoods.” 

“My arguably anthropomorphic ceramic containers, which are created from earth, fire, and the wind in my personal sail are reflective of our individual inner essence and our enduring connection to the elements in the serene physical world,” commented Rene Sprattling, ceramicist.

From Eileen Blodgett, “I am more recently known for contemporary nature and landscape painting, but I am showing paintings which reflect my ongoing interest and fascination with ‘The Human Element’.”

“Even though clay is my main medium, I love searching for other mediums as well to use in my work.  Cross pollination is more exciting to me than just one medium, including metal, wood and sometimes even glass,” stated Yvonne Dockter.

“Using the elements of wood and color, I harvest dead fir and cedar trees from my property, mill the wood, build structural frames for my larger canvases, explore the wildness of acrylic color on those canvases, then mill and finish the frames,” stated Nik Colyer.

“Animals are my favorite subject.  Color is the tool used to suggest emotion and personality. There are numerous elements in art but color is key in my work,” said Kathy Wronski. 

What:  “Elements” Art Exhibit

When:  August 4 – 31

Time: Thursdays, 11:00 – 5:00;  Fridays 1:00 – 5:00 and Saturdays/Sundays – 10:00 – 5:00

Opening Reception – August 4, 6:00 – 9:00;  refreshments provided

Where: Seven Stars Gallery, Presented by the Odd Fellows, 210 Spring St, Nevada City