As Lisa Swarthout’s father I am biased about her being my District 3 supervisor. I would just like the voters of Grass Valley to know some personal history about Lisa when making their decision about voting. I moved my family to Grass Valley in 1977 when Lisa was a teenager. I bought an established business in downtown Grass Valley, Stucki Jewelers.

My late wife, Judy, and I had both worked in the jewelry industry in Sacramento so we ran the original store at 108 Mill Street until we did a major move and remodel to 148 Mill Street in 1981.

While Lisa was attending Nevada Union high school she worked at the store after school and holiday breaks until she went away to college. Even while attending Chico State University she would come home on school breaks and work in the store .

She has always been a very hard working business person. I could always count on her running the store so her mom and I could take vacations.

Unfortunately, Lisa’s mom passed away less than two weeks before her 21st birthday. She was still attending college but I could always count on her to help me with running Stucki Jewelers.

Her mom’s wish was that she not come home to work at the store but to go out into the world and work for other businesses, which she did for several years.

However, her heart was always in Grass Valley so she returned and opened her own successful clothing store. During all her years of owning a business in Grass Valley she always served her community in many ways.

So when you vote please consider not only Lisa’s qualifications but her love of Nevada county and Grass Valley because that is what would make her an outstanding District 3 supervisor.